JBerry (lillmiss132) wrote,

The HIM concert tonight was compleatly insane.
There was a line of people to get in about a mile long. We were in the front of it!!
I saw some friends that I onnnnnnly see at these shows, and some friends that I havent seen in a while.

We get in and its like ten minutes untill Skindred starts playing. When they do, people start moshing. Seriousley. GAY. We couldn't get Linds down to mainfloor either. It sucked. I got seperated, but with Jon and Jeremy, so I wasn't alone. Then Finch came on. They played some good songs, but they really sucked. It was a real heartbreaker. Then they went off. People just kept pushing and moshing. Jeremy decided that when people would push him, he would lay on them. It was funny. Then HIM came on, and people went crazy. They pushed so hard to the font, I thought I was dying. Jon got seperated from Jeremy and I, & I started gettin scared. He like broke a way for me kinda, and then all of a sudden two people started pushing me from the front and back at the same time and I couldnt breath, it was insane. I just screamed and screamed. Jeremy got pushed back towards me, and I was like dont let me die haha. I thought I was going to, and then I passed out. I like felt it comming too. He had his arm around me cause someone was pushing my back again, and then I just went limp and backwards. I woke up and was like holy shit. Jon got back to us and then people pushed so hard, and I started to pass out again. Jon was like you have to wake up wake up you have to wake up. It was so scary. & then everyone in front pushed back at the same time, and we fell on our asses. It was scary being on the floor with twenty people on you. I freaked out and couldnt stop screaming. Jon was like you need to get out. HA, i can hold my own. sometimes. Then some fat chick stepped on my foot and crunched it, and I told her to get the fuck off, and she didnt. So I hauled off on her fat trailer parkey ass. HAHA. oh my. It was a night.

That was honestly the scariest and best show I have ever seen. I am thankful.

"Godbless my darlings"
Ville Valo
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